Hiking - daytrips


We leave for daytrips every day when ordered. We normally leave 14:00 but we are flexible if asked for other time for departure.


Remains of village, hiking

A visit to the remains of a village where over 100 inhabitants lived until 1945. From there we walk along the scenic route to the church of Ögur.

Duration aprox.: 2 hours.

Price: 5.500 ISK per person.
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The Cairn (sunwatch)

A hiking trip up the mountain above Ögur to see the cairns and contemplate their purpose. One of the cairns hides a book for visitors to register their names.

Duration aprox.: 3 hours.

Price: 7.500 ISK per person.

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Mountain passage

Fishermen called this mountain pass Ögurskarð and used it as an aim at sea for finding the right spot for catching fish. We hike through landslide leading up to this steep mountain pass and enjoy the view.

Duration aprox.: 6 hours.

Price: 15.000 ISK per person.

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