Kayaking - longer trips

In our longer trips guests have to order in advance and check out what days are departure days.


In the wilderness

We paddle in Isafjardardjup (bay) and Jokulfirdir (Glacial fjords) in this five days trip. We stay overnight in tents, stop at selected locations in the magnificent nature of the Westfjords. This is a tour that leaves nobody untouched.

Duration aprox.: 5 days.

Price: 200.000 ISK per person.

When: 24.6 - 8.7 - 22.7 - 12.8

Min. participants: 4

Details on trip page

One with nature - weekend trip

This is a kayaking tour in Isafjardardjup (bay) over the bay, around the island Ædey, the home of eider duck. We paddle so we can the glacier reach down to the bottom of fjord Kaldalon. We put up our tents for one night. We end the tour in geothermal hot pool, relaxing.

Duration aprox.: 14 hours.

Price: 80.000 ISK per person.

When: When ordered.

Min. participants: 4

Details on trip page

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